General Introduction

Practical Mandarin Program

    Practical Mandarin ProgramPractical Mandarin Program

    Type of Courses

    Characteristics of Courses

    Regular Courses

    Practical Mandarin Program

    Group Course

    11 weeks for 1 program.
    Monday to Friday.

    Spring-term Program、Summer-term Program、Fall-term Program、Winter-term Program

    One-on-one Course

    24 hours for 1 term. One-one-on course schedule and contents depend on customers’ personal needs.

    One-on-one Mandarin Course

    Send-out Course

    Assign teacher to university or company to offer courses. We offer customized courses.

    Practical Mandarin Program- Sent-out course

    Free Course

    Offered Irregularly by “Teaching Chinese as A Second Language Department”. All students who registered in MLC can join for free.

    Pronunciation, Chinese characters, Useful live conversation. Etc.

    Chinese Camp

    Short-term Chinese camp. Schedule depends on customers. We offer Mandarin courses, conversation practice, placement test, exercise activities, field trips, culture courses, movie hours. Ect.

    Chinese Camp