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    Living Information

    Living Information

      School is surrounded by a variety of shops and stores and it is very convenient for students to live and study. CYCU school areas are full of energy and students’ activities are easy to find on campus. Besides, Chung Yuan night market opens every night, which is full of foods, beverages, shops, and stores. In addition, RT-Mart is located in two blocks away from campus. Students can easily buy daily products by walking. Students who wants for more shopping can take buses to Chong-li station area, which offers shuttle bus to SOGO department store. At Chong-li train station area, students can choose to take a bus or a train to Taipei, capital of Taiwan, or other cities in Taiwan.


      I. School Map




      II. Where to eat

      Chung Yuan Christian University is close to Chong-li station area, and there is a night market nearby the school. In CYCU, you never have to worry about eating, there are a lot of vendors in Chung Yuan the night market, provide many kind of Taiwanese local food. If you want to taste different cuisines, there are Japanese, Italian, Korean, American, Indonesian, Vietnamese style restaurant around the night market and Chong-li station area.


      III. Housing

      Off campus apartments and dorms are available at the following link: http://house.cycu.edu.tw/


      IV. Transportation

      CYCU Campus is very close to Tao-Yun International airport. Driving distance is around 30 minutes and students may contact Center of Mandarin Learning for airport transportation to campus. We offer the service for airport picking up.

      The ways from Toayuan International Airport to CYCU

      1.By bus

      Taoyuan International Airport ↔ Chungli train station ↔ Chung Yuan Christian University

      Step 1: Taoyuan International Airport ↔ Chungli train station

      Taoyuan Bus Company-Bus number [5089] (Please visit this link to get information http://itouch.cycu.edu.tw/ )

      Step 2: Chungli train Station ↔ Chung Yuan Christian University ( It takes about 10 minutes.)

      Taoyuan Bus Company-Bus number [155] or [156]

      2.By taxi

      It takes about 25 minutes from Taoyuan International Airport to Chung Yuan Christian University.