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    2016 Fabulous Taiwan Photography and Caption Contest and Exhibition

      1.Activity Goal: It is expected that, through the international students’ experience, the rich and diverse culture; unique and beautiful sceneries of Taiwan can be translated into breathtaking and touching pictures to demonstrate the different and colorful facets of Taiwan. By organizing the themed 【Fabulous Taiwan! 】 photography contest, the international students would be encouraged to forge deeper connection with the local culture of Taiwan.

      2. Activity Theme: Vigorous Taiwan (the novel and interesting vigorous Taiwan from the perspective of participants)

      3. Participants: Recipients of the Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship

      4. Activity Dates: present until 6 May, 2016

      5. Exhibition Date: 6 May, 2016

      6. Exhibition Venue: Shih Hsin University, affiliated organizations of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and organizations of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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