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    2016 Mandarin Chinese Teacher from Indonesia Training Program (Basic Class and Advanced Class) Press Release

       2016 Mandarin Chinese Teacher from Indonesia Training Program 

      (Basic Class and Advanced Class) Press Release

      To enhance the professional ability of Mandarin Chinese teachers in Indonesia, The Overseas Community Affairs Council, in the Republic of China (Taiwan), held a training program called “2016 Mandarin Chinese Teacher from Indonesia Training Program (Basic Class and Advanced Class).” This program was supported by Chung Yuan Christian University. The entire duration of the course was nineteen days, from June 15 to July 3. The commencement was held on 1st July, hosted by the Deputy Minister of Overseas Community Affairs Council, Ms. Chiu-Chin Tien and the Director General of Overseas Chinese Education, Mr. Ching-Nan, Chang.

      The Indonesian Alumni association from different cities selected several outstanding Mandarin Chinese teachers all over the country in such cities as Jakarta, Surabaya and Kota Medan, etc. Seventy-seven teachers participated in the program in total.

      The selected teachers were separated into two classes, with Basic Class and Advanced Class on the program, depending on selected teachers’ qualifications and whether they attended the program before. It aimed at both practical affairs and theories.

      In addition to curriculum foundation, it attached importance to practical simulations. The training program included traditional culture courses and Chung-Yuan Elementary School visit in Taoyuan City. Furthermore, Chung-Yuan Christian University arranged field trips for Indonesian teachers to experience the local and especial culture in Taiwan deeply. Attractions like Hwataoyao Botanicen Garden, Sun- Moon Lake, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, National Museum of Natural Science, Fengjia Night Market and Wufeng Lin Family Garden were included on their outings.

      “I’m so pleased to be in Taiwan to participate in this training course,” “The course arrangement is awesome and it fulfilled out requirements,” and “The route of the field trip is interesting and we learned a lot.” said the teachers. This program definitely enhanced each professional skill of Indonesian Mandarin Chinese teachers, and it also advanced international exchange and cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia. Overseas Community Affairs Council looks forward to seeing that more and more outstanding overseas Mandarin Chinese teachers are able to be cultivated by these types of programs, and hopes that this program will spread Mandarin Chinese and our beloved Chinese culture all around the world.