Introduction of Teachers


Hello, I am Ms. Liao.
I have years of Chinese teaching experience, fully understand the difficulties of learning Chinese and can also assist students master the main points of Chinese learning as soon as possible.
If you want to effectively learn Chinese, you have to learn it step by step.
Welcome to join the big family of Mandarin Learning Center at Chung Yuan Christian University, you will find out that learning Chinese is not a dream. I hope you can learn Chinese happily here!


 • Office of Continuing Education, CYCU Mandarin Learning Center, Mandarin Teacher

 • An adjunct professor in the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at Chung Yuan

   Christian University
 • An instructor of Overseas Teacher Seminar of  Overseas Community Affairs Council (In the region of

   Indonesia and Central and South America)
 • An instructor of professional training course for alternative civilian service education services of Overseas

   Community Affairs Council
 • An Mandarin teacher in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management international class at

   Yuan Ze University
 • An adjunct Mandarin teacher at liberal arts center of Nanya Institute of Technology in Taoyuan
 • An proctor of Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency – Huayu


 • General Mandarin (Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced, Advanced), Journalism Mandarin
Business Mandarin, Test of Mandarin as a Foreign Language training, Mandarin Culture Courses

Chung Yuan Christian University

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