Conversation Lessons



During this course students are free to choose their desired conversation topics. Usually, these conversations topics will be related to daily life occurrences such as watching news on the T.V., what to do during job interviews or even simple daily life interactions such as going to the supermarket or the convenience store. 

This course emphasizes the development of speaking skills in a stress-free environment. Thus, we aim to inspire our students with confidence such that they can handle real-life situations using Mandarin Chinese.  All our courses are designed to stimulate our learners, hone their creative skills, and help them evoke more spontaneous responses when they interact with natives of the Chinese language. 

After each lesson, students are required to describe in detail their selected conversation topic, fluently answer questions from fellow students and teachers and listen to the feedback provided by the teacher. Through this method, students can also improve their narration skills, sentence structure and composition and be able to fully grasp the contents in their textbooks.


Target audience

  • Foreign students who cannot come to Taiwan to learn Mandarin due to the epidemic
  • Foreign students who want to improve their oral skills



  • Start date: Anytime. Register Now!
  • Available term durations: 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, 48 hours.
  • Class time: Customized. Dependent on student needs.

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