This course’s curriculum emphasizes the long-term cultivation of the Chinese language. Our goal is to awaken your children’s passion and interest in learning our beautiful language. Our teaching methods encourage relaxation and use of vivid imagery to make the teaching process as pleasant as possible. Moreover, we regularly arrange folk culture and historical lessons to familiarize your children with every aspect of the Chinese culture. 

Through this online course, learning can happen anytime and anywhere regardless of you and your children’s location.  Our teachers organize the course’s content based on your children’s current Chinese language abilities. This way, children will not lose interest and/or motivation during the course. 


 Target audience

 7-12 year old Children!

 Foreign elementary school students who cannot come to Taiwan to learn Mandarin due the epidemic.



Start date: Anytime. Register Now!

Available term durations: 24 hours, 36 hours and 48 hours. 

Class time: Customized. Dependent on student's needs.


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