陳俞秀老師(CHEN YU XIU)

Hello, I am Teacher Chen. 
Many people are interested in learning languages, but why can’t everyone learn languages well?
The answer is not that people who are poor at language talent, is that teacher's guidance and learning methods.
I’ve always been interested in language teaching. Let students achieve their goals within the expected time and use the language effectively is my teaching goal.
Since 2009, I have been to many countries to teach Mandarin and exposed to different languages. I have developed suitable teaching methods and taught these methods to students. They have progressed significantly.
Through the step-by-step courses, I arouse students' learning motivation and maintain their enthusiasm for learning.
I’m dedicated to make learning Mandarin interesting.
In addition to knowing effective language learning methods, I also have a professional Mandarin knowledge background and it can make students have a deeper understanding of all aspects of Mandarin; therefore,  follow me and learn Mandarin cheerfully and effectively!


 • India Volunteer Tibet, Mandarin Volunteer Teacher
 • Expatriate Youth Taiwan Study Tour fromPhilippines, Culture course teacher
 • Sister school culture and language camp from Japan,Mandarin teacher
 • OCAC Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth from Japan and Europe, Mandarin teacher
 • Asian Center for Theological Studies Chinese Camp, Mandarin Teacher


 • General Mandarin (Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced, Advanced),
Thematic teaching, Journalism Mandarin

Chung Yuan Christian University

We respect the dignity of nature and of humanity, and we seek to promote harmony between the Creator, oneself, all other human beings, and the entire creation through the wise and prudent utilization of professional knowledge of the sciences and the humanities.We recognize individual differences with respect to talents, character, capability, and background. We believe that full development of one’s potential signifies success.