Application and Registration (during COVID-19)

Application and Registration (during COVID-19)

2022 Special Entry for Spring Term (March)

Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE) announced that starting from March 1st, 2022,
students who intend to study Chinese in Taiwan will be allowed to apply for a special entry visa, 
and specific administrative procedures have to be followed to apply for the visa.
Please abide by the regulations of the Taiwan government and cooperate with us to facilitate a smooth entry process.


I. registration process


 STEP 1. Submit Required Documents

Please submit the following documents to the Mandarin Learning Center (MLC) of Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) by email or postal services before February 7th, 2022. Submission after deadline is not accepted.

Required Documents:

  • Admission Application Form(download the file)
  • Photocopy of the diploma of higher education and the transcript (both must be translated into Chinese or English, and the copy of the graduation certificate must be notarized by a foreign embassy)
  • A photocopy of your passport
  • 2-inch photos
  • Proof of personal accident and medical insurance or National Health Insurance (MLC will apply for it for those who haven’t the insurance and it will charge you around USD 35 per instalment)
  • A Financial Statement issued within 3 month and shows an ending balance exceeding USD2,800 or its equivalent
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination (Recommended)

Address: No. 200, Zhongbei Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320314, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
ATTN: Mandarin Learning Center, CYCU
Telephone: +886-3-265-6531

 STEP 2. VISA Application

MLC will send you the following document once receiving your application around mid-February.

  • Admission letter issued by Mandarin Learning Center, CYCU
  • Official document number which is approved and issued by MOE)
  • On receiving the above documents, please go to the local Taiwanese embassy, Taiwanese consulate or Taipei Economy and Culture Office to apply for a "Foreigner to study Chinese in Taiwan (FR) visa."
  • According to the regulation of Taiwan government, students must continuously study at MTC for at least six months and cannot change visa types.
  • Please provide a copy of the visa page of your passport as well as your flight information as soon as possible.

    The MLC will provide the payment link for tuition and quarantine fee. Please provide the remittance certificate within three days. MLC will send you the Entry Permit provided by MOE after receiving your documents. Please bring the color-printed Entry Permit with you and scan the QRcode at the airport when arrival.

  • Payment methods: cash, bank transfer, card online.

STEP 3. Entry and Quarantine Procedures

  • The entry airport must be Taoyuan International Airport only.
  • Please bring a negative certificate of COVID-19 nucleic acid (PCR) test taken within 3 days before boarding.
  • Please print out the Entry Permit in color and scan the QRcode upon entering the country.
  • Please apply a prepaid cellphone card at the Taoyuan Airport Telecom Counter located in the airport control area, bring cash or credit card (at least NT$1,000) and inform the school when arrival.
  • After entering Taiwna, you will be transferred directly by a quarantine taxi to a quarantine hotel for a total of 21 days and take the required PCR test on the 12th to 14th days, and an "In-Home Rapid Screening" test will be collected once on the 20th to 21st days.
  • You must keep close contact with MLC and report your physical condition every day during your quarantine period, so that the MLC can report to the pandemic prevention tracking system.


  • If the course starts before your entry or during quarantine, MLC will provide a link for you to take online course which will conclude total hours of your attendance.
  • The MLC does not provide dormitories. If you have rental house requirement, please let us know in advance, and we will be happy to provide you with rental information.

     Warm Reminder:

    The following fees are involved in your study in Taiwan for your reference.

    * The announcement of the information will be adjusted at any time according to the actual situation.

    Quarantine hotel fee: 21 nights (including three meals),
    about NT$2,000 to NT$3,000 per night

    →If you choose 15 nights, you will need to arrange accommodation on your own  during self-health management period (7 days)

    1. Quarantine taxi fare: about NT$1,000
    2. PCR inspection fee: about NT$500 each time
    3. Tuition, registration and insurance fees for six months: NT$58,500
    4. Textbook fee: about NT$1,500
    5. Rental House cost: about NT$5,000 - NT$8,000 per month

    *Suggestion: Before your entry, It would be good to change NT$7,000 - 10,000 (transportation fee, SIM card, PCR test fee, etc.)


*The course schedules of the MLC are subject to change anytime in accordance with the announcement of the Central Command Center.


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