Visa affairs FAQ

Q1: I have a Visitor Visa, When do I need to extend it?
A1: 7 days before your expiry date.
Example: If you came to Taiwan on February 29th 2020, and the duration of stay is 60 days, it means you can stay in Taiwan until April 29th 2020. Remember to extend your Visitor visa before the expiry date. The extension period is usually 60 or 90 days. 
Q2: How many times can I extend my Visitor Visa?
A2: Visitor visas can be extended twice, each time from 60 to 90 days for up to 6 months. After two extensions, you will have to either leave Taiwan or apply for a Resident Visa. Students who study for 4 consecutive months can apply for or transfer to a Resident Visa.

Q3: What are required documents for the extension of a Visitor Visa?
A3: Please bring your passport, certificate of enrollment, transcript with record of attendance, and a completed multiple-purpose application form for foreigners to the National Immigration Agency in Taoyuan to extend your visa. Immigration officers might request other documents such as your tenancy agreement or the ID or ARC card of of your emergency contacts in Taiwan.

Visitor Visa Extension Procedure

The MLC is always happy to aid official Mandarin students to apply either for Visitor Visa extensions, Resident Visa, ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) and ARC extensions. Students shall notify MLC counselors for the required Visitor Visa extension documents 15 days before the Visitor Visa expiry date:

The steps to apply for a Visitor Visa Extension are the following:

Step 1: Collect the following required documents

(1) Passport
(2) Certificate of enrollment
(3) Attendance record

Step 2: Go to the National Immigration Agency (NIA) in Taoyuan and apply for the Extension:

ADDRESS:1F No.160, Xianfu Rd, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 330, Taiwan R.O.C

While at the NIA, please fill out the “Visa extension” form and proceed to the Visa Extension counter. Be sure to make a copy of your certificate of enrollment for the NIA officials to file since the originals will be of use for future extensions and visits to the tax office.

IMPORTANT:  Late application for extending visa is not acceptable. The applicants may be charged with a fine and a trip off Taiwan in order to apply for a new visa.

Q4: Do I have to pay a fee for the Visitor Visa extension?
A4: No, extensions are free. However, make sure you make the Visitor Visa extension before the expiry date.

Q5: How do I apply for a Resident Visa?
A5: Applicants must have studied at our learning center for at least four months and have pre-paid for the following three-month term. The Resident Visa Application form may be obtained at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Complete the application form, take the required documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and apply. The process will take at least three working days.

Resident Visa Application Procedure:

The steps to apply for a Resident Visa are the following:

Step 1: Collect the following required documents:
(1) Application Form
(2) Two color passport-sized photos
(3) Passport and one photocopy of the passport
(4) Original and one photocopy of the health certificate 
(5) Original and one photocopy of the certificate of enrollment and record of registration.
(6) Original and one photocopy of the certificate of attendance
(7) Study Plan
(8) Proof of financial support showing at least US$2,000 or NT$50,000 to support you while in Taiwan.
(9) Other supporting documents (Decided on a case-by-case basis).

Step 2: Go to the Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taipei and apply for the Resident Visa:

ADDRESS: No.3~5 F, 2-2 Chi-Nan Rd, Sec 1, Taipei City, 100219, Taiwan R.O.C 
TEL:(02) 2343-2888

IMPORTANT: After receiving your Resident Visa, you have to go to the Foreign Affairs Police Station to validate your new visa. Once you validate your visa, you MUST go to any National Immigration Agency (NIA) Local Service Center within  15 days and apply for an Alien-Resident Certificate or ARC (Please see Q7-Q9).

Q6: Do I have to pay a fee for the Resident Visa application?
A6: Yes. The Resident Visa application fee is NTD 3000.

Q7: When can I apply for an Alien-Resident Certificate or ARC?
A7: Once your stay in Taiwan has exceeded four months, you must apply for a Resident Visa (See Q5 for more details). After you obtain your Resident Visa marked with Studying Mandarin Chinese as a purpose, you may apply for an Alien-Resident Certificate (ARC) at the National Immigration Agency (NIA) in Taoyuan (See Q3 for NIA's address). 

Q8: What are the required documents to apply for an ARC?
A8: The required documents for the ARC application are the following:

(1) A completed Multiple- purpose application form for foreigners and 1 photo.
(2) Passport and Resident Visa (Original and Photocopy)
(3) Proof of registration and class schedule from the MLC.
(4) Attendance Records (Not required for first extension, must be original from the previous 3 months)
(5) Proof of Residence (Tenancy agreement)

IMPORTANT: All the documents issued by the MLC take 2 working days to issue, please be sure to apply early! Otherwise your request will be rejected. Thank you for your cooperation!

Q9: Do I have to pay a fee for the ARC application?
A9: Yes. The ARC application fee is NTD 1000. Your ARC will be valid as long as you study in the MLC. However, if you extend your studies for one year or more, you will be charged another ARC application fee. 

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