Health and Accident Insurance

Q1: Do we have any medical or accident insurance while studying?
A1: Yes. We offer basic accident insurance for students who possess a Visitor or Resident Visa marked with Studying Chinese as a purpose. If you have any accidents and went to the hospital to treat any injuries or external wounds, please keep the receipt and diagnosis certificate from the hospital. You have the right to get a refund equating the payment amount made in the hospital from the insurance company.

IMPORTANT: The accident insurance DOES NOT cover internal diseases such as common cold or digestive problems.

Q2: When can I apply for National Health Insurance (NHI) card?
A2: Once you’ve had an Alien-Resident Certificate for more than 6 months you are eligible for to apply for an NHI card(About 10 months after you start your first term).To apply please takethe following documents to the North Unit of the National Health Insurance Department in Taoyuan (Address shown below).

(1) Passport
(2) ARC
(3) 2 x 2-inch photos

North Unit of the National Health Insurance Department
ADDRESS:320,NO.525,Section 3,Zhongshan East Road,Zhongli Distric,Taoyuan city

Please inform MLC office once you have received your NHI card.

Refund Policies

Q3: What are the MLC's refund policies?
A3: “Refunds” refer to tuition cost only. Other costs, including Registration fees and insurance costs, will not be refunded. 90% of tuition will be refunded for applications submitted no later than the day before the semester starts. 50% will be refunded for applications submitted before 1/3 of the semester is completed. No refunds will be given for applications submitted after the semester is 1/3 completed.

Life Arrangements and Transportation

Q4:How long does it take to get to CYCU from Taoyuan International Airport?
A4:It takes about 40 minutes from Taoyuan International Airport to Chung Yuan Christian University.

Q5:How do I get to Chung Yuan Christian University?
A5:There are two options, bus or taxi (or Uber). Please read below for more details. 


Taoyuan International Airport  Zhongli Railway Station ↔  Chung Yuan Christian University
Step 1: 
Taoyuan International Airport ↔ Zhongli Railway Station   
Taoyuan Passenger Transport-Bus 5089 
Please click on the following link for more details:
Step 2:
Zhongli Railway Station ↔Chung Yuan Christian University(About 10 minutes)  Taoyuan Passenger Transport-Bus 155 or 156
OPTION 2:  Taxi or Uber
It takes about 30 minutes by taxi or Uber from Taoyuan International Airport to Chung Yuan Christian University,Cost ranges from $500-700。
Please click on the following link for more details: 

Q6:Can I live off campus?

A6:Yes, you are free to make your own living arrangements. Off campus apartments and studios available for rent can be browsed in the following
link : https://house.nfu.edu.tw/CYCU



Q7: I'm not familiarized with Taiwanese cuisine, what can I eat?
A7: There are many convenient meal options available for foreign students. Because Chung Yuan Christian University located in downtown Zhongli. The famous Zhongyuan Night Market is next to the school. There are many vendors, restaurants, and convenience stores which provide enough variety and selection both for local and foreign students. 

Recreational Activities near CYCU

Q8: What recreational activities and sports facilities are available in or near CYCU?
A8: Chung Yuan Christian University equipped with a gym, a swimming pool, a library and other facilities for students. You can also go shopping in the Zhongyuan Night Market next to the school which has many clothing stores and corner shops. If you need to satisfy any daily necessities, there are three supermarkets nearby: RT-Mart, Carrefour, and PX-Mart. Besides, you can take a bus to Zhongli station where you can find all kinds of shops including many exotic and distinct restaurants.
In addition, you can walk about ten minutes from Zhongli train station to the SOGO Department Store. You can also take the train to Taoyuan Station which has several department stores nearby.

Questions regarding the Practical Mandarin Program Courses

Q9:How do I apply to the Practical Mandarin Program?
A9:Please click on the following link for more information on our Admission Process: https://reurl.cc/447WVR

Q10: What are the tuition fees?

A10: Please click on the following link (Programs > Group Courses > 3. Tuition Fees) for more information on our tuition fees: 

Q11: Does the MLC offer One-on-One courses?
A11: Please click on the following link (Programs > One-on-One courses) for more information on our One-on-One Courses:

Q12: What are the academic and professional backgrounds of the MLC faculty?
A12: All our teachers possess a Master's degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and we ensure that all our teachers have enough teaching Chinese experience in a classroom setting to guarantee teaching quality and student's success in learning the Chinese language. Both of this goals are paramount to our MLC's prestige and reputation. To learn more about each MLC teacher's academic and professional backgrounds please click on the following link or visit About>Our Faculty in our navigation bar:

Online Course FAQ

Q13: Do you provide Study Certificates? 
A13: If you need a study certificate, please apply for it with the “form” button. After 3 working days, we will send you and e-copy. For more questions regarding the online regular courses please click on the following link or visit Programs>Course Q&A in our navigation bar: 

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