胡僑宴老師(HU QIAO YAN)

Hello, I am Ms. Hu.
Do you want to learn Chinese easily at home?
Isn’t a good Chinese environment to help you learn there? In this era of advanced Internet, as long as Internet exists, you can learn Chinese one on one online.
If you have any Chinese questions, I am always willing to help you! Let me create the Chinese class that suits you best, and chat with the world in Chinese smoothly!


 • Office of Continuing Education, CYCU Mandarin Learning Center, Autumn-term program,
   Mandarin teacher
 • St. Louis Language Immersion School, Mandarin teacher
 • Office of International and Cross-Strait Education, CYCU, Mandarin teacher 
 • 107 YFB, Mandarin teacher


 • General Mandarin (Beginner, Intermediate)

Chung Yuan Christian University

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