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Practical Mandarin Program - Other Programs
1. Practical Mandarin Program- Chinese camp

I. Cost:

Service list: meal costs and accommodation while in Taiwan; with the local airport transportation,
accident insurance, hotel charges (two to four in a room), local tours (including local transportation, food, traveling insurance, and for the scenic/historical sites).


2~4weeks (minimum number of weeks is 2). Exact date depends on customers’ schedule. 


  • Mandarin Class 
  • Weekday afternoon: Cultural class Weekend: local tours

IV.  Hours:

30~35 hours per week, excluding weekend local tours. 

 V. Contact:

Donna, Liu
Office Number:03-265-6535

◆ Please contact us for more information!

VI. Number of Participants:

10 to 20 or more people for a group. Except the team teacher or guide, the participants should be 14 years old above.

2. Practical Mandarin Program- External Training Service

 Practical Mandarin Program- External Training Service
 Location  School, company
 Class size  1~10 people
 Contents  Depends on customer needs. Course Contents  Examples:  Live conversation, Business Chinese, Chinese for Tourism.
 Date  Depends on customer needs.
 Time  Depends on customer needs.
 Hours  Depends on customer needs.
 Tuition fee

 NTD 1,000 per hour and above. 

 Dependent on class location and size.

 Additional  Important Details

 Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

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