Registration and Enrollment FAQ


Mandarin Program Application Form

 Admission Process

Step 1: Submit the following documents

  • Admission Application Form(download the file).
  • Photocopy of the diploma of higher education and the transcript (both must be translated into Chinese or English, and the copy of the graduation certificate must be notarized by a foreign embassy).

  • A photocopy of your passport.
  • 2-inch photos.

  • A Financial Statement issued within 3 month and shows an ending balance exceeding USD2,800 or its equivalent.

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination.


 Submit all documents to the following address:

The Center of Continuing Education

ADDRESS:200 Chung Pei Road, Chung Li District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 32023, R.O.C.



IMPORTANT: All of the submitted documents will be reviewed by the MLC. If admission is granted, admitted students will be sent a confirmation letter both by e-mail and mail.


Step 2: Apply for a Visitor Visa 

Those who have received an admission letter form the MLC can go with this letter to their local R.O.C Embassy, Consulate or Representative Office and apply for a sixty-day visitor’s visa first. Visitor Visas are initially valid for sixty days. However, upon the students’ arrival in Taiwan, they may apply for two further sixty-day extensions. After studying for four consecutive months, students may apply for a Resident Visa.


Step 3: Complete the registration process

The registration process takes approximately one week and begins a week before each term starts. The registration process must be completed in person.

The registration process has three steps: 

1.Registration: The following documents are required to successfully register: Admission letter, passport, Visitor Visa, two passport photos, and a completed registration form.

2.Tuition payment: The Tuitions fees must be paid in New Taiwan dollars (NTD) at the Center of Continuing Education. The tuition fee must be paid in full before the term begins.

3.Class Selection: A placement test is held during registration week. Students are placed in classes suited to their levels based on the placement test results.


Step 4: Attend Orientation

Orientation is held a week before each term starts.


Step 5: Class Begins!

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