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Anggota Organisasi Pusat 

Direktur Pusat Pendidikan Bahasa Mandarin Universitas Chung Yuan:


(kantor) : 03-265-6530


Asisten Project:

Shih-Min, Wu

Telp (kantor) :03-265-6531


Asisten Project:

Donna Liu 

Telp (kantor) :03-265-6535


Asisten Project:

Wei, Hung

Telp (kantor) :03-265-6534


Asisten Project:


Telp (kantor) :03-265-6533


Asisten Project:


Telp (kantor) :03-265-6532

Chung Yuan Christian University

We respect the dignity of nature and of humanity, and we seek to promote harmony between the Creator, oneself, all other human beings, and the entire creation through the wise and prudent utilization of professional knowledge of the sciences and the humanities.We recognize individual differences with respect to talents, character, capability, and background. We believe that full development of one’s potential signifies success.