林千鈺老師(LIN QIAN YU)

Hello, I am Ms. Lin.
Finding a learning method that suits you, and pair it with good guidance, you can speak Mandarin well in a short time. 
In class, I often use pictures, videos, and situations to gradually guide students to understand new words and grammar, so as to understand how to use them and the differences in synonyms. 
In addition to allowing students to absorb, there are also group review activities in my class; therefore, students can get to know each other, activate the atmosphere of the classroom, and arrange reality Q&A practices and formal reports. For example, ordering meals by phone, buying drinks, cultural differences, traveling suggestion, etc. 
Let students practically use Mandarin in daily lives. 
You are welcome to study together!


 • Office of Continuing Education, CYCU Mandarin Learning Center , Mandarin Teacher
 • International students Chinese learning course program sponsored by ministry of National Defense
   University, Mandarin Teacher
 • Yuanpei University of Medical technology  Training  Project of  TCSL, Teaching Intermediate Mandarin
 • Asian Center for Theological Studies Chinese Camp-Advanced Class Mandarin Teacher
 • Mingdao University Chinese Language Center, Mandarin Teacher
 • OCAC Training Program for Mandarin Teachers from Indonesia, Teaching Intermediate Mandarin Teacher
 • Special class of Rotary club, Mandarin Teacher
 • Mejiro University Chinese Language and Culture Short-term Study Camp, Mandarin Teacher
 • I.B.P.S New York Chinese School, Mandarin Teacher


 • General Chinese (Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced, Advanced), Thematic Courses,
Chinese Culture Class, Journalism Chinese

Chung Yuan Christian University

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