謝宜真老師(XIE YI ZHEN)

Hello, this is Teacher Xie. 
As I have a wealth of teaching experience, whether you want to try learning Mandarin or further Mandarin study, welcome to join me in the world of learning Mandarin. 
I have been in contact with diverse foreign learners, and I know very well the difficulties and challenges that you may  encounter when learning new words, grammar, etc. Therefore, I am good at using interesting and practical ways to guide you step by step and adapt to various situations in life. 
I believe that as long as I find a suitable method, "learning Mandarin" can also become a natural and happy thing!


 • Steering Committee for the test of Proficiency, TOCFL Invigilator
 • Office of Continuing Education, CYCU Mandarin Learning Center, Mandarin Teacher
 • Office of Continuing Education, CYCU Mandarin Learning Center, Staff
 • Chung Yuan Christian University Sister school culture and language camp, Mandarin Teacher
 • Special class of Rotary club Discover Taiwan Camp, Mandarin Teacher
 • OCAC Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth, Mandarin Teacher
 • Minghsin University of Science and Technology Chinese Language Teaching Center, Mandarin Teacher
 • NCCU Chinese Language Teaching Center, Mandarin Teacher
 • The Ministry of Education sends Mandarin language assistants to teach in foreign schools, Teaching
   Assistant in Canberra, Australia


 • General Mandarin (Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced, Advanced), Mndarin Society and Culture, Thematic teaching, Instructional design, Grammar Constructivism Teaching

Chung Yuan Christian University

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